Precautions for mold injection


1. Security before production

Before injection molding, disassemble the mold to clean up the anti-rust oil inside the cavity and remove the dirt and rust on the surface of the mold. Lubricating grease is added to the surface of slider and thimble to ensure smooth movement during mold production. Fill in the mold inspection record form and confirm the inspection related items as required

2. Take the upper die from section

Install the mold size, select the appropriate injection molding machine, confirm whether the lifting is balanced before lifting the mold, put the mold in the injection molding machine, align the positioning ring and adjust the ejector rod. After confirming that the mold and the injection molding machine are in balance, lock the mold. Use the pressure plate and screw to lock the mold.

3. Production

Mold debugging, mold opening and closing confirmation 2~3 times, ejection length confirmation, ejection confirmation 2~3 times, no sticking and abnormal noise. Compare the injection molding conditions of the previous round to know the mold technical parameters. Start with short shots and debug in strict accordance with technical parameters. If mold sticking occurs during the process, do not scratch or bruise the mold surface. Grease must be added to the moving parts of the mold guide post and guide sleeve every 4 hours of production.

4. After the production is completed.

Protect the forming part in time and spray anti-rust agent. Unload the mold to clean up the remaining oil and water in the mold cooling system. It is strictly forbidden to splash water on the mold. After being cleaned up, pack and seal, put in the mold warehouse.