The automotive market is driven to reduce weight, increase fuel economy, and improve overall vehicle safety – their preferred material to accomplish these objectives is aluminum. HETTI METAL has been producing injection mold and die castings for the automotive market, with experience in power train, car light, anti-vibration brackets, door handles, thin walled electrical enclosures, and decorative applications, we have the experience and know how to support your systems for the automotive market.


When designing your next industrial device, consider die casting as your process of choice. When you partner with us, you can receive the following benefits from our die casting processes:
·Complex net shapes
·Consistent quality over high volumes
·Cost-effective, high-volume production
·Tight tolerances achieved as-cast
·Cast housings are extremely durable
·Integration of heat sinks within product design
·Fully recyclable for achieving stricter product legislation
·Wide variety of finishes from high-specification plating to cosmetic finishes
·Value engineering achieves cost savings
·Minimal draft angles on internal features


Speed to market and product evolution drives the Consumer Electronics industry – with HETTI METAL, we can keep pace with the speed needed to bring new products to market quickly.
·Our team of engineers offer groundbreaking solutions to all of these challenges such as:
·part-to-part consistency over high volume
·On time deliery
·Providing cost-effective solutions
·And more customer's reasonable requirements.


The challenge with designing medical devices is striving for end products that address clinical needs, human error, and patient safety. Medical device design is becoming more complex and technologically challenging as device manufacturers pay close attention to the consumer electronics industry when considering advancements in design and usability. Miniaturization continues to be a hot trend in medical device design and more than ever before, speed to market is often the key competitive advantage for product launches. HETTI METAL provides precision die casting components for medical devices that meet the needs of multiple users, varied environments, and patient variability.