Dongguan Hetti Metal Co., Ltd is committed to satisfying your exact requirements for product quality and on-time delivery. We stand behind our commitment with a dedicated and experienced workforce as well as the latest technological innovations. We focus on customer service at every process stage to ensure quality products, on-time delivery, and cost-effective solutions, we also provide diversified procurement management services according to customer needs.


Our customers–they know what they need to make their systems and assemblies function properly, and we provide the Engineering design support to blend those needs with our process capabilities. The earlier we can engage with your Technical teams the more cost and waste we can remove from the value stream. Our highly experienced Engineers can bring years of knowledge to the discussion, and coupled with our Process Design expertise, we can optimize product and process design up front, saving you time and money.


AN-PROTOTYPE can be produced by various ways, such as CNC machining, lathing, 3D printing, laser etching, soft tool with pre-harden steel etc, full prototype services are available for us.

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