Talking about injection molding


Precision molds have the following characteristics: high processing accuracy of injection molded products; high requirements for local processing accuracy and matching accuracy of large products; product assembly position matching accuracy between matching requirements; high surface quality requirements for injection molded products, high mold processing accuracy requirements, injection molding Continuous and stable production capacity requirements of the molding machine. Stability of material injection molding production.

What factors affect precision injection molding? The stability of the material in continuous production, the use of material temperature; whether the mold size and appearance requirements meet customer needs. The accuracy of the injection molding machine itself and whether the injection molding process is appropriate.

The advantages of precision injection molding: high stability of the production process, reducing the loss of materials and machine production. Improve product quality, reduce the number of additional manual inspections, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Reduce the secondary treatment of waste materials. For the inside of the industry, enhance their brand influence.