Highly precise due to special Röders geometry compensation.Maximum workpiece size in height and diameter.Higher production stability.Simulations for calculation of filling, distortion, mold tempering.Carrying out an FMEA (Failure mode and error influence analysis) for tools.Creative tool designs,tool making and tool qualification. Article design, ability examination.


DFM: Feasible analysis on mold design by our experienced engineers carried out with comprehensive Design for Manufacturing(DFM) to gurantee productive manufacturing throught out all processes in reality.


Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) Can be effective in
·Accelerate product development. Choose a supplier with the skills, resources and experience to handle full product development–including engineering and materials selection–to reduce the risk of delays as a project is handed off between steps. At Plastomore, our experienced engineering team offers design optimization assistance to ensure products are ready for production.
·Identifie product designs that simply aren’t feasible as designed. Your manufacturing partner can help you eliminate design elements that may seem attractive upfront, but in the end will not prove out.
·Reduce mold tooling costs by proving out designs prior to tooling. Test designs using tools like 3d printing for strong, durable prototypes that behave more like finished products.

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