The development of precision molds requires more innovation


It can be seen from the relevant data that the market demand for precision molds in my country in 2014 has far exceeded the supply capacity. The reason for this situation is that my country's precision mold processing technology is not mature enough, and many professional equipment still rely on imports. To change this situation, domestic processing plants must carry out independent innovation on the basis of existing technology.

In recent years, the level of plastic mold manufacturing in my country has been greatly improved. The weight of a single set of large plastic molds produced has reached more than 50t, the precision of precision plastic molds has reached 75px, and multi-cavity plastic molds have been able to produce a mold with 7800 cavities. In terms of high-speed molds, it has been able to produce high-speed plastic profile extrusion molds with an extrusion speed of more than 4m/min and dual-cavity co-extrusion molds for main profiles. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the continuous improvement in strength of general and engineering plastics, the application range of plastic products is also expanding, and the amount of plastic products is also rising.