Analysis of the performance of precision molds


With the development of the mold industry becoming more and more mature, the quality requirements for precision molds are getting higher and higher. However, due to the different composition and processing conditions of the processed metal, different performance requirements are put forward for precision mold materials. What performance should be mainly considered, let the precision mold manufacturer Yijia tell you.

The temperature difference between the surface and the core of the mold is large under working conditions. Depending on the mold type and cavity structure, the surface temperature is maintained within the range of about 550-7500C. When starting to work, if the mold is not preheated or improperly preheated, the core temperature is lower, which is often equal to room temperature. The early plastic deformation failure or cracking failure of the mold cavity has a great relationship with the high temperature yield strength or insufficient plasticity of the material. Therefore, understanding the room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties of mold materials is of great significance for the correct selection of mold materials.

1. Toughness. Many molds, especially molds for forging hammers, are often subjected to large impact loads during the working process. In order to prevent mold cracking, mold materials must have high impact toughness and fracture toughness;

2. Purpose: Aluminum-magnesium alloy extrusion die, die-casting die, especially suitable for large-scale or complex-shaped die, can be used as copper alloy extrusion die, die-casting die, and steel hot press die.

3. Hardness and strength. The material is required to maintain a certain degree of hardness and strength under the service temperature of the mold, and have good thermal stability to prevent the mold from deforming;

Since the actual production process of each factory is not the same, the above situation may also be different, you can determine according to your actual situation, make reasonable adjustments, and hope to help everyone.