Injection mold


Injection mold manufacturing is to use its specific shape to produce tools with a certain shape and size. Many tools and supplies in life are products produced by injection molds. Such as camera housing, keyboard, mobile phone housing and so on.

To make a good product, the requirements for injection molds are very high. It must be able to produce products that meet the customer's drawing appearance, size requirements, and physical properties. From the perspective of injection molding production, high production efficiency, simplicity and automated production operations are required; and for mold manufacturing, it is necessary to require reasonable structure arrangement, easy manufacturing, and low cost.

The quality of the injection mold directly affects the quality of the product. First of all, the design of the mold gate, the layout of the product, the PL line, and the exhaust groove directly affect the appearance evaluation of the product, and have a very important effect on the product's burnt, trapped air, and burr debugging. Secondly, in the production process of injection molds, the mold structure greatly affects the production efficiency. In mass production of plastic products, the distance between opening and closing the mold should be minimized and the products should be automatically taken and placed. For this reason, it is also necessary to ensure that the products can automatically fall out of the mold or be easily taken out during fully automatic production.

In the modern machinery manufacturing industry, reasonable material selection, processing technology, advanced processing equipment, and high-quality molds are indispensable four elements, especially molds for mass production, which can meet the needs of the broad market. The production and update of products are based on the manufacturing and update of molds. Due to the huge demand for plastic products and output, higher and higher requirements are placed on molds. Therefore, the continuous development of the mold is also promoted.