The future development direction of plastic mold accessories


In the future, plastic mold accessories technology will continue to develop in the direction of "five modernizations" and industrial characteristics toward "two modernizations". Mold technology has become the development direction of the industry in terms of standardization, automation, specialization, refinement, informationization and their integrated technology. The industry’s development towards high-end and differentiation has become more prominent. The upgrading of the mold industry makes the connotation of high-end molds richer. Participate in the trial production of new products, advance the mold design, and enable more companies to develop in a more coordinated manner towards industrial upgrading and optimizing product structure. Information construction promotes the leapfrog development of the mold industry. It is expected that this trend will continue and the driving force will become larger and larger.

Research on the product design and production technology of machine flat-nose pliers. Brief introduction, machine flat-nose pliers are a general purpose fixture, often used to install small workpieces, and can be used as a random accessory for milling machines and drilling machines. Flat-nose pliers fix it on the worktable of the machine tool and are used to clamp the workpiece for cutting. After standardized design and interchangeable performance design, the flat-nose pliers produced have a wide range of combined applications, suitable for all kinds of general-purpose machine tools, CNC machine tools, machining centers, etc.